Message from Fr.Provincial

History says that in the vast empire of King Philip II the sun never set. The same can be said today of our Province, the Dominican Province of Our Lady of the Rosary: in the territories where it is present the sun never sets.

And so it is. On the East, our missions in Japan, Taiwan and East Timor welcome the first rays of the rising sun; and in the West our missions in Venezuela bid the same rays goodbye. In the meantime, the sun has imbued with life our missions in South Korea, China, Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, Myanmar, Italy and Spain.

Twelve countries that one fancies twelve stars in the crown of Our Lady of the Rosary, the Patroness of the Province. Twelve countries that, among a wide range of possibilities, allow the members of the Province to make an interrupted wave to the Lord, both of ‘praise to His name’ (Ps. 133) and of ‘offering a sacrifice in His honour’ (Eucharistic Prayer, III). A giant wave indeed from one end of the earth to the other.

This makes me think of the enormous wealth of languages, cultures and values that we have in the Province, as well as of the tremendous range of opportunities that, in it, God has entrusted to us: the crowds of Christian faithful in our parishes who live attentive to our word; the thousands of children in our schools who look intently at us; our many neighbours who hardly understand our ins and outs; the around one hundred young people in formation who mirror themselves in us; and, lastly, the countless men and women who, without knowing us, dream of us because they need our gospel preaching… Visiting the different places where we are present I cannot stop wondering at such panorama. It is a challenge and a blessing, which if at the end of the day allow us to sleep it is because we know that God has put all of them in our hands… without releasing them from His own!

I wish that many young people who feel called by the Lord to tell the world of His love join us, so that together with the members of the Province and with all those who with us are or feel themselves Dominicans, work together in mission, in gratitude and praise to the Lord anywhere we are.

Come then and and join us! Become a worldwide Dominican missionary!

Javier González
Prior Provincial